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Irvan A. Noe’man Founder

Realizing that Good Design is Good Business. After finishing his study in Art and Interior Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Irvan pursued his Master Degree in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA. In 1989, he established the multidisciplinary consultancy BD+ADesign. In his work he sticks to the principle of FAST; the Arabic symbols for these characters are Fatonah (smart), Amanu (trustworthy), Sidiq (truthful), and Tabligh (proper presentation). This formula ensures creativity, reliability, integrity, and provide prudent in all BD+ADesign activities. Despite his full agenda, he continues to exercise his passion for lecturing.



Yuni Mulyanti Managing Director

Innovation; management by objective. Graduate from the faculty of law she started her career at BD+ADesign in 1993. Yuni envisions positioning BD+ADesign as the ultimate branding consultant in Indonesia by developing and complementing BD+ADesign as human resources.Innovative responds to market needs and a commitment to quality in work help to define the objectives, on which she bases her management policies.



Nulijati Darjoto Business Development Director


There is no number one in the team. Holder of a degree in Civil Engineering, 

she joined BD+ADesign in 1991. Prior to that she held several managing positions with other organizations. Establishing a good understanding and a common perception of what is to be desired, is the challenge she faces in her job. The process she consistently applies consists of defining the task at hand, dividing duties in the team, monitoring activities, finding solutions ad hoc, holding regular meetings, evaluating the project, and keeping a good administration.



Tri Anugrah Associate Creative Director-Trend & Research Development Head


Holder of a degree in Visual Communication, she joined BD+ADesign in 2006, began her career as a Designer. She had involved in several cross-disciplinary project including visual/graphic design, industrial design, space and retail design, and brand and corporate identity. Active as a member of ADGI (Indonesian Graphic Designers Association) and has served as a board of from 2010-2012. Passionate in developing local products, she has involved in trend forecasting research projects since 2009 as a creative director and head researcher, as well as a mentor in some SME’s product development workshop in some regions in Indonesia.