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Indonesia Trend Forecasting
february 2015
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Trend Forecasting 2016/17 : Resistance

At Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, BD+A Design has launched the 7th Trend Forecasting Book for the year 2016/17.

Humans will continue to face challenges that could disrupt the continuity of human life itself. Therefore, people need to protect themselves from challenges such as the scarcity of natural resources, quality of life that keeps declining, the extreme climate change that begins to destroy human habitat, as well as the political turmoil that continues to fluctuate. Those things are the inspirations / drivers for the main trend forecasting theme in 2016/17, Resistance, which is derived from the resistance, which means to take the fight to protect.

The book comes with two decoding books that interpret the trend drivers into fashion design, including: Womenswear, Menswear, and a special edition for Muslimwear. Its ‘decoded’ collection has exhibited successfully at the prestigious runway of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015.

image: trend forecasting 2016/17 : resistance